Circles is the small group ministry of TC. We believe Circles are better than rows. At a church service, it’s easy to come and sit at one end of a row of chairs and never talk to the people at the other end of the row. Circles is fixing this problem by connecting people outside of regular services. It’s human nature to want community, so through Circles, people will be able to grow together and create meaningful and lasting relationships.

On average, the local church is only open 156 hours per year. Considering there are 8,760 hours a year, Circles small group ministry creates more opportunities for people to build and grow relationships. However, Circles isn’t just for people who attend TC. In fact, it’s designed so people who don’t attend a church can join a group and not feel like an outsider or different from anyone else in the group.

Some people don’t feel comfortable going to church, but they would go bowling, to a barbecue, or a Christmas party with some friends. This is what makes Circles one TC’s biggest outreaches to our communities because it makes the church much more personal.

You’ve probably seen a Circles meeting and not even realized it. A Circle group looks like friends eating lunch together, teams playing basketball, people studying a book or topic, or a party at a neighbor’s house. At it’s core, Circles is a gathering of people where it’s less about what you do and more about who you do it with.

By participating in Circles you can expect to connect with other people through a common activity or topic, engage in life giving conversations, and request prayer.

Circle groups have three seasons each year: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall. During a season, groups typically meet every other week for about three months with a six week “offseason.”

Circles happen in homes, restaurants, parks, coffee shops, or anywhere else where there is room for people to gather! It’s up to the leader and the group where and when they want to meet.

Most Circles meet for one or two seasons a year. This way new people can join groups easily and regularly. Also, the season format allows people to attend multiple groups each year. As relationships grow, some groups may choose to stay together for consecutive seasons, but new members are always welcome.

Childcare varies from group to group. When you search for a group on our website, the Circle profile will indicate if it’s a family group where children are welcome.

Circles is one of the best ways for families to create relationships centered around the Word of God. We encourage you to find a group that will fit you whole family so you can all grow together.

Truth is, everyone may not find the best fit on their first try. This is why we encourage people to select a few groups that interest them, contact the leaders, and try them out to see which Circle will work best.

The simple strategy to finding success in small groups is to not give up. We believe there is a group for everyone – including you!

“They worshiped together regularly… met in small groups in homes… and shared their meals with great joy and thankfulness, praising God. The whole city was favorable to them, and each day God added to them all who were being saved.” |Acts 2:46-47|




Pastor Chris loves sports and grew up at TC so he understands the importance of community, especially for young adults. Gabi grew up as a missionary and moved to Seminole after bible school. She is passionate about missions, loves to play games and bake, as well as community.

Young Adults


Every other Friday @ 7:00pm


David enjoys watching sports and believes the Dallas Cowboys are #1 and family is everything. He is a graduate from Rhema Bible Training College and has a heart for ministry. John is the father of three beautiful girls, a farmer, youth leader, and also a huge football fan– of the Packers!


Bible Study: “I Declare War” by Levi Lusko

Four keys to winning the battle with yourself.

Every other Sunday @ 5:00pm


Quintin has a small woodworking business that he’s passionate about. He loves entrepreneurship and seeing God work in these areas. Perla is a Texas Tech graduate with an Interior Design degree and owns a design business. She loves building relationships with their clients! Quin and Perla have a beautiful four year old daughter. 


How to hear God’s voice in everyday life.

Every other Friday @ 7:00pm


They have a passion for helping others. They have two sons and live in Denver City. They love the Lord, family cookouts, and their home is filled with love and laughter. Jose works in the oilfield and Lois is an active full-time homemaker.


“Our Response to God” — learning to be strong followers.

Every other Saturday @ 5:30pm


Johnny has 7 kids and 15 grandkids. Loves to fish, loves his church, and has been a business owner for 33 years. Tim has 5 kids and 6 grandkids. He and his wife minister weekly in the jails, helping change lives from hopelessness to faith in God.


Bible Study: to seek God’s wisdom.

Every Wednesday @ 9:00pm (after church service)


Brad and Sara have been married for 10 years and have two very active boys. They are always out and about watching them play sports. Brad works in the oilfield and is passionate about coaching, the 49ers, and his family. Sara is the Administrator here at TC and loves being a boy mom!


fellowship and community

Every other Friday @ 7:00pm