CIRCLES small group ministry

In churches full of rows and pews, CIRCLES are the best way to grow together. In rows, it's easy for people to fall away without others knowing right away-- but in a CIRCLE, every person can easily see and communicate with others in the group.

CIRCLES are never-ending.
There isn’t a starting point or an ending point. People can join at any time and not feel like they’ve missed out.

We all need people that will push us into our destiny.
This is the biggest bonus of being involved in a Circle group. This is the bonus of COMMUNITY.

“They worshiped together regularly… met in small groups in homes… and shared their meals with great joy and thankfulness, praising God. The whole city was favorable to them, and each day God added to them all who were being saved.”
|Acts 2:46-47|


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Andre and Jamie have been married for eight years and have two kids. Spending time together as a family and watching Alabama football (Roll Tide) are just a couple of things they enjoy doing. They have a heart and passion for people and look forward to doing “life together.”

Young married couples (kids are welcome!)

To grow and develop strong, healthy marriages.

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Chris loves sports and grew up at TC so he understands the importance of community, especially for young adults. Gabi grew up as a missionary and moved to Seminole after bible school. She is passionate about missions, loves to play games and bake, as well as community.

Young adults (married or single with no kids)

Community, building relationships

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David enjoys watching sports and believes the Dallas Cowboys are #1 and family is everything. Debi has a strong heart for children and loves being a stay-at-home mom. She has a degree in business and loves all things pertaining to administration and organization! They are both graduates from Rhema Bible Training College and have a heart for ministry.

Families with children.

Will be reading 5 Love Languages of Children | focusing on parenting and raising a generation who love the Lord with all their heart.

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Emilio is a single father of four and is driven to learn more and more about God — believes in “iron sharpening iron.” Josh has been attending TC for 18 years and has a ten year old daughter he adores.

Men (all ages and family types)

All areas of life.

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Jack and Timmi have been married for 12 years and raised 4 children. They love being grandparents to a beautiful granddaughter! Jack enjoys hunting and outdoors. He has a great passion for bass fishing. Timmi loves to be creative, making people laugh, and believes we should never underestimate the power of a hug! They are business owners and partners in an event design business. They love getting closer to God and sharing truth with others.

All ages, families, couples, singles

Will be watching Christian-based movies and discuss perceptions that arise from different concepts.

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Jamie and Melanie are sisters with a great testimony of God’s love. They’ve been through a lot and learned a lot, and it’s from that place that they want to equip and empower others. Both are happily married with kids ranging from two to nineteen.

Women (age 20-35)

Identity — Breaking Secrecy.

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Johnny has 7 kids and 15 grandkids. Loves to fish, loves his church, and has been a business owner for 33 years. Tim has 5 kids and 6 grandkids. He and his wife minister weekly in the jails, helping change lives from hopelessness to faith in God.

Men (all ages and family types)

Men’s Bible Study, to seek God’s wisdom.

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Josh and Heather have five kids and both have served in the U.
S. Military. Heather is currently a part of Army Reserves and also sells Mary Kay Cosmetics. Josh works for Weatherford and loves anything outdoors (hunting, fishing, etc). They have a strong desire to grow closer to God.

All ages, families, couples, singles

Godprints: Seeing Jesus + communing with Him throughout the day

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Mike and Kim have two twin teenagers (boy + girl) still at home. Kim works for Seminole ISD and has been a Christian most of her life. She’s a worship leader and loves being a grandma. Mike works for the Hospital, is an ordained minister, and self-proclaimed guitar geek.

All ages, families, couples, singles

REAL: real worship, real God, real you!

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Moved to Seminole from Michigan where they were both in real estate. Love being grandparents. Philip is mechanically inclined and a trivia buff. Kathy home-schooled their children, loves babysitting, senior care, cleaning, lawn mowing, and the Lord!

55+ Seniors, Widows/Widowers, Empty Nesters, Grandparents

Fellowship for Seniors | MOTTO: No Senior Left Alone!

Believe we need to minister to each other and hold each other up in prayer and fellowship.

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Ricardo loves playing sports and fishing. He also loves making new friends and cooking out. He and Ana have been married 15 years with 3 kids. She loves being a stay-at-home mom. She admits to being nervous of stepping out and doing new things but is always willing to try!

All ages, families, couples, singles

Growing in the Word as a family

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Our youth ministry has found great success with small groups! Overseen by Youth Pastor Micheal Navarro, and led by his adult leadership team, these groups build community among our teens both on and off campus. Click “Join Group” to get more info from Pastor Mike for your teenager!

6th – 12th Grade Guys + Gals [will be divided by gender and campus]

Building relationships.

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  • People with common traits within a larger society.
  • A body of persons with common interests scattered through a larger sector.


  • The most powerful factor in any organization is not vision or strategy, but culture.
  • It's the ways in which leaders communicate and others respond.


  • The basis for any setting or event. The underlying goals.
  • That which can be fully understood and appreciated as a means to the end.